A theater could be a combination of audio and video parts designed to recreate the expertise of seeing movies in a very theater.

Home theater in a very box, associate in an integrated package of audio and video parts.

500 W 5.1 Ch Blu-ray Home Theater System J5550

Features Of HTJ5550K Samsung Home Theater:

  • Clearer voices with the center speaker
  • Clear sound from 6 built-in speakers
  • Build a surround sound system wirelessly
  • Wirelessly access devices & internet
  • Full HD 3D Blu-ray entertainment
  • CD ripping, power bass & karaoke scoring


Access a lot of apps in half the time

You can never have too several apps to explore. The new and improved native Opera TV Store app offers over 250 titles for you to select and choose between. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll currently boot native apps quicker than before, thus you will never be in need of the content wish.

Wirelessly access your devices and also the web

Connecting to the net is simpler to try and do with the Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player. With wireless computer network intrinsical, you’ll use the net and access apps while not the inconvenience of adding a lot of external devices. Samsung BDPs go together with DLNA content sharing capabilities that create streamlining connections between your home amusement devices easier than ever before. The J7 series BDP even comes with Dual-Band Wi-Fi for even quicker network speed and a lot of stable performance.

Experience ensuing level of Full HD 3D amusement

Bring home a lot of immersive and spectacular 3D expertise. With Full HD 3D, your 3D home amusement is going to be a lot of exciting and vivid than you ever fanciful, with powerful options to maximize your enjoyment. Immerse your senses within the new reality of 3D HD.



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